We stock all kinds of markers, plastic or metal, for use in x-ray examinations.

Article No. 1041401-S

Article nr 1041401-L

Transparent ruler, cm, with horizontal or vertical placed radiopaque unleaded Sin and Dx indexes.


Transparent ruler with radiopaque unleaded gradations. Available in different sizes and grades.

ID-X is a system of colour-coded plastic markers produced according to a patented system. The lead is injected into a milled groove on the marker which allows the characters to be very thin, ca. 1 mm, and homogeneous.

Plastic Artikel No.
Sin 20 x 35 mm 1041390
Dx 20 x 35 mm 1041391
Dx 20 x 35 mm Bedside 1041399
R 20 x 35 mm 1041392E
L 20 x 35 mm 1041393E
Transparent plastic Artikel No.
Set 1-5 1041396
Brass Artikel No.
20 mm Sin 1041394
20 mm Dx 1041395
10 mm Sin 1041397
10 mm Dx 1041398