Personal Radiation Protection from Scanflex Medical – for your comfort and safety

Scanflex Medical is a leading manufacturer of radiation protection clothes for work in radiology and nuclear medicine. Our garments are manufactured in our own studio in Sweden. We introduced our protective aprons on the market more than 30 years ago. The products are distributed world-wide and we offer personal testing of all models.

The Opaque Collection™

We at Scanflex Medical are very proud to now be able to present our new collection: The Opaque Collection with the market’s best protective material. We are the only European company able to manufacture radiation protection clothes in the brand new protective material, which give the user a much lighter and smoother garment and especially a more eficient radiation protection.

With the new collection we have also spent several years of collecting customer preferences for adjusting the pattern to achieve an even better fit and ergonomics of our aprons. The combination of our unique design and our professional craftsmanship makes The Opaque Collection the finest selection of X-ray aprons on the market.


The best material available

Our radiation protection aprons are manufactured in materials Opaque Fusion® (unleaded), Opaque Action® (lead-composite), No-Lead, Light-Lead and Lead-Vinyl. From an environmental standpoint, we recommend our lead-free materials. Protective properties are well documented and has been tested at different test institutes.

The outer material containing polyurethane, which is easy to clean. It can be disinfected with hospital commonly used detergents. Our garments can be customised with a handy pocket that can be embroidered with the name, logo or motif.

Certified products

Scanflex Medical products are CE-marked and complies with the PPE-directive (Personal Protective Equipment, Council Directive 89/686/EEC).

Our products complies to the following standards:

The IEC 61331
The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2547-06
The German DIN 6857-1 specifically designed for lead-free and lead-composite materials.